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The DiCromat II Salt Analyzer

The DiCromat II measures and displays salt content in solutions by measuring solution conductance and temperature. An internal microprocessor mathematically compensates for changes in solution temperature and converts to salt concentration in various units. A full range of salt concentration can be measured from less than 0.1% to over 26% by weight without dilution and up to 100% salt with dilution.  Compensation for temperatures ranging from 0C to 100C is automatic.

The Salt Analyzer is available in either a 6 Set-Point model (DiCromat II) or 24 Set-Point model (DiCromat IIA), which can be calibrated for use with up to 6 or 24 different product recipes, respectively. 

Included with your purchase is the choice of either one flow-through probe or one dip-in probe. We will also calibrate your unit for up to 3 separate products.*

*If you require calibration of additional set-points, a laboratory charge, per product, applies. One probe comes standard with the unit. Additional probes are available for purchase.

The DiCromat II can be used with either a flow-through or dip-in, non-contact style probe (see below). 
Analytical Laboratory Services
We offer laboratory services to assist you in the calibration of your machine. We test your products for %NaCl using the potentiometric method of titration and use this value calibrate your unit.

We offer repair services for DiCromat II, as well as discontinued DiCromat 1-10 models.